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GSN Series Motion Control Card

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GSN Series Motion Control Card

GSN series motion control card is a networked, modular plug-in motion controller. The controller main card implements motion control calculation. It connects Googoltech's gLink-II driver and motion control module through gLink-II bus. Customers can choose the gLink-II driver or different type motion control modules (4-axis module, 6-axis module, laser/galvanometer module) according to their own needs, and quickly build a high-performance motion control system to achieve distributed field motion control and control system flexibility.
GSN series motion control card can be used for five-axis CNC machine tools, 6-axis robots, microelectronic packaging equipment, high-speed and high-precision laser equipment, 3C industry processing and testing equipment, non-standard automation equipment (detection machine, assembly machine, dispensing machine, plug-in machine), special process equipment, textile machinery, packaging, printing, and assembly line workstations, etc.


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