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GHN Series Motion Control Card

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GHN Series Motion Control Card

GHN series motion controller is a network type and modularize design motion controller. The motion card is responsible for computation and path generation, while the axes control modules are responsible for hardware communication by gLink-ll bus. There are several special functions of axes control modules which are available for the users to build their machines, such as laser module, 4 axes module and 6 axes module.
The GHN motion controller is equipped with four function sets which are specialized for 4 axes SCARA robot, 6 degrees of freedom robot, laser cutting machine and CNC machine. User no more need to develop the mathematic model of the machine but only need to apply the models in the GHN motion controller. GHN not only can be used in special purposed equipment such as quality checking machine, assembly machine, dispenser machine, but also supports multi-working station and production line manufacturing. The card fulfills the needs of remote working station control which provides the maximum flexibility for configuring the production line.



Controlled axes

40 axes maximum

Control cycle


Basic motion function

T-curve, Jog motion, electronic gear mode, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, auto-homing, position comparison output

Optional function

PT/PVT motion, S-curve motion, electronic cam, continuous path pre-processing and feed-forward, galvanometric control


Incremental/ absolute encoder

Support development environment

C, C++, C#, VB.NET, VB, Delphi, LabVIEW, Otostudio V3.5

Support IO

64 DI/DO

64 AI/AO

Digital IO

10-14 channels, 24V

Analog IO

8 channels input, 12 bit accuracy, ±10V

OS information

Windows 7 (32/64bit), Windows XP, Linux


Control card on PCIe: DC 24V ±10%

Control card standalone: DC 12V ±10%

Axis control module: DC 24V ±10%


Axis control module: 2A

Working environment

Temperature: 0 to 55

Humidity: 0% to 90%, no condensation

Bus type

PCIe (x1) Slot


181mm X 121mm

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