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GE-Laser Series Motion Control Card

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GE-Laser Series Motion Control Card

The GE-400-SG-LASER/LASAN series motion controllers contain -LASER and -LASAN models which are developed base on Googol’s economic model GE-400-SG motion controller. The main feature of this series motion controllers are the consideration of the synchronization and coordination between the motor motion and the laser system, supplying of specific signal for several sorts of laser system, such as CO2 laser, or YAG laser (equipped with terminal board named GA1-400-ACC2-OYAG).
GE-Laser series are suitable for many industrial applications related with laser processing, such as Laser cutting, Laser engraving, Laser drilling, rapid prototype typing, and Laser joining, etc.



Controlled axes

4 axes

Control cycle


Max output frequency



ABZ differential signal, frequency 4MHz

Analog output

-10V to +10V, 16bit


ABZ differential signal, frequency 4MHz

Hardware position capture


Laser Control Function

Signals for CO2 laser:

LASER ON signal, TTL standard;

PWM signal, or frequency signal, or Analog voltage signal, selected by user command

Provide laser on and off signal delay function, unit: 1µs.

Motion delay also can be used between two laser on/off signal

Three energy control of laser output methods provided

-          Energy follow up mode

-          Interval direct output mode

-          Scan mode:

Provide different laser power control output mode: duty ratio, frequency or voltage

When operating in buffer continuous trajectory motion, laser energy offset can be altered on line at any time via commands.


DC 24V ±10%, Icc=3A min

Working environment

Temperature: 0 to 55

Humidity: 0% to 90%, no condensation

Bus type

5V 32-bit PCI Slot


185mm X 122mm

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