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GEN Series EtherCAT Motion Control Card

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GEN Series EtherCAT Motion Control Card

GEN series multi-axis network motion controller is one that is based on plug-in motion controller of EtherCAT fieldbus. It integrates EtherCAT master solution to realize synchronous motion control of up to 64 axes; it also supports gLink-I IO modules and EtherCAT IO modules extension. It provides fieldbus control solution of multiple axes and multiple IO points. It adopts high performance motion control algorithm; supports motion modes of multi-axis interpolation, advanced S-curve acceleration/deceleration, electronic gear, and electronic cam, etc.
Users can use MotionStudio development tool that comes with the controller to complete configuration EtherCAT connection and motion control configuration quickly; via the API function library interface provided by the controller, users can also use programming languages of C, C++, C#, etc. to complete development of control system in Windows or Linux systems.
GEN series EtherCAT fieldbus multi-axis network motion controller is used in fields of 3C manufacturing, lithium battery packaging, textile, printing, and semiconductor processing, etc.



Controlled axes

8/16/32/64 axes

Control cycle

125us ~ 4ms adjustable

Motion mode

Point to point, Jog, electronic gear, electronic cam, PT, PVT, interpolation (linear, circular arc, helix, 4 coordinate systems), compensation algorithm, look-ahead preprocessing

IO extension

EtherCAT: general purpose EtherCAT IO module; gLink-I: Googol gLink-I IO module

Drive mode supported

CSP, CSV, PV, PT, Homing mode

Fieldbus connection configuration

Connection mode


EtherCAT connector


EtherCAT transmission cable

CAT5e STP (shielded twisted pair cable)

EtherCAT transmission speed


EtherCAT distance between adjacent stations

Maximum 100m

gLink-I connector

DB9F, 6.25Mbps

EtherCAT servo slave station supported

Servotronix CDHD; ASDA A2; Inovance IS620N; Sanyo Denki RS2; Panasonic A5B; INVT DA200; Tsino A8, R6; LS L7N; Elmo Gold; Lenze i700; Phase Ax series, etc.

OS supported

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux

Development language

C/C++, C#, VB.NET, VB


5VDC ± 10%


2A (minimum)

Operating temperature



5%-90%, non-condensing

Installation method

PCI-E interface

Dimension (mm)

161.1mm X 125.3mm

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