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IIoT Cloud Platform

Googoltech’s IIoT cloud platform is a highly customizable information platform based on the core operation and control products of Fixed High and integrated with information technology, which can adapt to the interconnection of industrial equipment network, provide value-added services for customers, create a new ecosystem of technical services, and open up the last kilometer of industrial applications.

The platform communicates with the cloud platform through the network communication function of the controller. It can be used quickly without too much development through the device control, sensor layer, scheduling layer and information management layer.

Focus on equipment and data

● Always design the platform from the point of view of the device to make it more suitable for the application scenario of the Industrial Internet of Things, not just focusing on data transmission

Powerful performance

● Adopt on-demand response mechanism and adapt to large-scale device access.

● Instrumentable data acquisition and analysis

Remote fault diagnosis, real-time monitoring and early warning

Online debugging and function modification

Introduction of 3D model, online simulation

Simple and easy to use

Software is easy to use, and it takes only three steps for the user to start analyzing the data and visualizing them.

Let users operate

Platform gives users maximum freedom to build further use of equipment data, turning boring site management of equipment into innovative Remote Monitoring

Building user communities

Users can not only build their own applications, but also share their own applications with other users and bring benefits.

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