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Servo Press-fit Machine Control System

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Servo Press-fit Machine Control System

Servo press-fit machine development platform is a set of industrial PC, motion control, servo drive, loading and unloading manipulator and machine vision as one of the system development platform, to meet the pressure of various pressure equipment for closed-loop, speed and position closed-loop precise control requirements. The platform combines the press-fit production process with the inspection process, and makes real-time quality judgments based on the production process data (supporting reference point detection, envelope detection and window detection, etc.), which can significantly improve the quality and production efficiency of the product. Customers can rely on Googoltech Industrial Information Cloud Platform to achieve multiple equipment production data storage, analysis and management.

Servo press-fit machine development platform provides servo press, powder molding press and injection molding machine and other standard systems. OtoStudio software development platform can assist customers to redevelop different models, which is widely used in automotive, electronics and other key parts of the production equipment.

●   Integration of industrial PC, motion control and servo drive in one

●   Special pressure closed loop control, pressure curve can be arbitrarily planned.

●   Support for position control and pressure control in microsecond switching.

●   Integrated position control, displacement control, pressure control, AI stop, DI stop and so on.

●   Graphic real-time display of location, pressure, speed, current and other production process data

●   The process of compaction is combined with the testing process, and quality judgement is made in real time according to the data of production process.

●   Support network data transfer and remote debugging function.

●   Multiple safety protection including current, pressure, position and working area.

●   Integrated loading and unloading manipulator and intelligent camera.

●   OtoStudio software development platform real-time observation curve, easy debugging, firmware and software online upgrade

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