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GE Series Motion Control Card

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GE Series Motion Control Card

GE series motion control cards are designed for such motion control equipment that adopt continuous trajectory motion mode. The velocity invariables and transition smoothness between any two-trajectory segments during the continuous trajectory motion are their most remarkable advantages, and therefore the smoothness of the machining surface and machining precision can be greatly improved.


GE-PV/PG Series

GE-SV/SG Series

Controlled axes

2/4 axes

2/3/4 axes

Control cycle



Max output frequency




PID + Velocity feed forward + Acceleration feed forward


ABZ differential signal, frequency 4MHz

ABZ differential signal, frequency 8MHz

Uncommitted digital IO

16 channels of uncommitted opto-isolated digital inputs/outputs

Dedicated digital IO

Dedicated opto-isolated input per axis, 2 channels for limit switch signal, 1 channel for home signal, and 1 channel for drive alarm signal input.

Dedicated opto-isolated output per axis, 1 channel for drive activation signal and 1 channel for drive alarm signal rest.

Position capture

1 channel of probe input can capture the positions of three encoder and auxiliary encoder simultaneously

1 channel of home hardware capture signal for each axis and 1 channel Index hardware capture signal for each axis

Bus type

Standard PCI/ISA/PC104 bus

GE motion controller + PC

GE motion controller + embedded system

Stand-alone through standard network interface (Optional)

System Software

Demo software of engraving machine

Demo software in Windows environment

Windows equipment drivers, extended DLL

C/C++ function library and example sample source code in DOS

Power Consumption

±5V, Icc=2A, power supplied from PC

±12V, Icc=60mA, power supplied from PC

+24V or +12V, Icc=2A, external power provided by user

Operation Temperature

0 to 60

Operating Humidity

5% to 90% relative humidity, , non-condensing


185mm X 122mm

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