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Cartesian Robotic Arm Control System

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Cartesian Robotic Arm Control System

Cartesian robotic arm development platform is based on Googoltech motion controller, for injection molding machine, stamping machine, machine tools and other fields of development of loading and unloading control platform. It integrates the main process of injection molding machine, punching machine, machine tool loading and unloading manipulator; supports multi-channel function, supports up to six equipment to run independently or assistantly; includes subroutines and basic logic expression functions, which can simplify the teaching staff programming and meet more complex process requirements; and provides customers with secondary opening. The interface and general loading and unloading manipulator platform provide customized services for the special models of customers.

The development platform can support the model:

- Robotic arm of Injection molding machine: 3/5 axis servo, M type robotic arm, oxhead machine, labelling in mold.

- Robotic arm of punching machine: straight line, 4/5 axis swing arm type, 2/3 dimension.

- Robotic arm of machine tool: truss robot

- General robotic arm: dispensing machine, welding machine, general palletizing.

●   Integrated injection molding machine, punching machine, machine tool loading and unloading and general palletizing mechanical handicrafts.
●   Support network data transfer and remote debugging function.
●   Support 4 axis, 6 axis, 8 axis 4M high speed pulse controller and network controller.
●   Support point position, multi axis straight line and arc interpolation function.
●   Support multi-channel function
●   Support standard COM, LAN and dedicated gLink bus interface.
●   Support anti jitter and anti-collision function to achieve high speed and high precision movement.
●   Support teaching, playback, built-in expression programming mode.
●   Integrated smart camera
●   Release source code to some customers.

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