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Googoltech’s Wonderful Speech in 2018 Annual Meeting of GAOGONG Robot
2018-01-17 admin

On January 11, Googoltech has won the "crystal ball award" of robot driving and controlling. 

Mr. Liu Yue, which is the manager of Googoltech robotics division. He gave a keynote speech on "Marvie Series Intelligent Drive -Control Integrative Robot Controller" to show the exploratory results of "Drive-Control Integration" by Googoltech.

From the point of view of the poor reliability and anti-jamming ability of robot controller industry, the complexity of electronic control system, the lack of integrity design, the high cost of production and manufacturing, the customer cannot carry out process development, the large volume of electronic control system and other pain points, etc. He has introduced the "drive and control" equipment developed by Googoltech.

Googoltech’s Marvie integrated drive and control equipment is divided into four-axis drive and six-axis drive, the key features as following: 1. According to EFT/ESD industrial four-level standard design and safety design; 2. External grounding, internal electrical system integrity design; 3. Further optimize the overall cost, cost-effective; 4. Provide secondary development; Environment, to help customers process development; 5. Smaller size, better cooling scheme; 6. Cloud platforms control.

Googoltech’s robot control system development platform built-in offline simulation software, can achieve accurate timing simulation, fast generation of complex trajectory planning, while providing arc welding, spot welding, cutting, spraying, handling, assembly, processing, stacking, follow-up take-and-put, CNC carving and other processes, widely used in laser cutting, welding, cutting, painting, handling, assembly, processing, stacking, etc. Wood processing, sheet metal processing, food processing and other fields.


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