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3DOF Helicopter Simulator

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3DOF Helicopter Simulator

The 3DOF helicopter simulator, which has 3 degrees of freedom in rotation, is a new educational product developed by Googol Technology. It is not only of great value in the field of aviation and space flight research but also ideal to evaluate feedback strategies, such as PID, LQR, H infinity, fuzzy, neural net - any one you wish to implement. As one of the newly recommended products, its hardware system is matched with a textbook which covers classical control, modern control and dynamic modeling experiments in details, so it offers the students and researchers in the fields of automation and mechatronics a unique opportunity to control the pitch and yaw of a simplified helicopter.



Pitch angle

-30 ~ 40

Cruise angle

0° ~ 360°

Power input

AC220V, 50Hz

Max. travel speed



1300 x 360 x 400mm

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