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Janus is a dedicated software and hardware system for on-site data management of equipment. It supports a variety of mainstream industrial communication protocols, can be accessed by simple configuration, and connects all kinds of different equipment on the site to the same platform. Moreover, it supports the same communication and scheduling between devices using different protocols to meet the real-time, agility, privacy and high availability of device data processing. With the Janus system, device data is collected locally and does not have to be transmitted to the cloud in real time. Download the application and data analysis model from the cloud platform, and the data can be analyzed and applied on-site. The necessary data is regularly synchronized from the edge computing system to the industrial equipment IoT cloud platform. Then use massive data to optimize the model, and continue to return to the edge for execution after training.
Edge computing extends the advantages of security, storage, computing, and artificial intelligence from the cloud to the edge. It is compatible with devices of different industrial protocols and data formats through secure and fast access, and provides local computing services with low delay, low cost, high practicality and easy expansion. In addition, it combines with big data and learning model in Neptune to provide the best data application mode and create a trinity industrial Internet system (cloud platform, edge computing and device side) in the cloud.

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