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GUC-ECAT Series Embed. Motion Controller

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GUC-ECAT Series Embed. Motion Controller

GUC-EtherCAT series embedded multi-axis motion controller is an embedded motion controller based on EtherCAT bus, which integrates the EtherCAT master solution and can control up to 64 axes. It also supports gLink-I IO module and EtherCAT IO module expansion, providing users with low-cost control solutions with multiple axes and multiple IO points. GUC-EtherCAT series embedded motion controller supports point position and continuous trajectory, executes multi-axis synchronization, linear, arc, helical, spatial linear interpolation and other motion modes, and can freely set acceleration and deceleration, S-curve smoothing and other parameters.
GUC-EtherCAT series embedded motion controllers use the OtoStudio development environment and support the IEC61131-3 programming standard. It provides computer software engineers and PLC software engineers with a friendly development method. Users can easily program the controller and build an automated control system.
GUC-EtherCAT series embedded motion controllers can be used in robots, CNC machine tools, 3C equipment, lithium battery equipment, printing equipment, assembly line control, etc.

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