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Die Bonder Control System Solution

With the development of consumer electronics and the upgrading of lighting equipment, LED applications are becoming more widespread. In order to meet the huge LED market demand, increasing production capacity and processing efficiency is crucial for most equipment manufacturers.

Process Flow

Loading Material----Feeding Material----Take Materials to the Workbench----Visual Inspection of the Crystal Position in Crystal Disc----Take the Crystal----Visual Inspection of LED Die Bond Position----Adhesive Die Attach----Die Bond----Unloading

Control System Requirements


Main Features

●  Adopt Googoltech's GTS-PG controller, the core consists of DSP and FPGA to achieve high-performance control calculation.

●  High-speed and high-precision point motion and interpolation control;

●  Convenient for IO expansion and maintenance;

●  The die bond cycle is up to tens of milliseconds.


System Advantage

After field testing, the die bonder control system solution has stable performance, low vibration, high speed and high precision, which can fully meet the customer's on-site operation requirements. Currently, the solution is already in use and performance is recognized by customers.

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