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CPAC Solution in Lithium Battery Winding Equipment

Winding batteries are widely used in mobile devices, such as consumer electronics, vehicle startup, automotive emergency power supply, generator startup, electric vehicles, solar energy storage and other fields. Therefore, in recent years, the lithium battery winding equipment has been developed rapidly in China, from the traditional manual winding, semi-automatic winding to the present fully automatic winding.

The core of the device is variable speed winding control. The device consists of unwinding, tension control, deviation correction control, winding molding, glue preparation, color label detection and other modules. There are two main types of lithium battery winding, one is circular lithium battery and the other is square lithium battery. Square lithium batteries are particularly complex in tension control, deviation correction control and speed synchronization because of their shape.


System Advantages

●  Adopt Fixed High EtherCAT Bus Motion Controller and GTHD Driver: Simple wiring, easy maintenance, high system stability, fast response, convenient system information exchange, fast connection to the cloud;

●  Adopt EHMI protocol human-machine interface to facilitate programming and debugging.

●  Adopt OtoStudio programming software based on IEC 61131-3 has the characteristics of openness, expansibility, flexibility and modularization.

●  Adopt self-learning method, apply variable speed winding to ensure constant tension, achieve better synchronization and improve system performance.

Operation Effect

The field test shows that the winding width of the 190mm core has little tension fluctuation, and the processing speed, processing accuracy and correction accuracy can reach the advanced level of the industry.

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