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GTSD14 series servo driver is an integrated control and drive product which combines industrial PC, motion control and servo drive. Its power covers 3 kW-45 kW. Highly integrated system architecture greatly simplifies customer electrical design and improves equipment performance and reliability. OtoStudio software development platform is based on WINCE operating system to meet the real-time, security and open requirements of industrial customers. The software platform is aimed at the mechanical manufacturer and system integrator who have the ability to develop, and adopts the secondary development system architecture. It can provide customized system solutions for customized process.

GTSD14 series servo driver can be used in CNC machine tools, hydraulic press, servo press, injection molding machine, punch, flying shear, flying saw and other fields.

●  The system integrates industrial PC, motion control and servo drive to realize closed-loop control of current, speed and position.
●  Achieve multi axis motion control, and facilitate system configuration.
●  High dynamic response, high precision current, speed and position control using multi-degree of freedom and nonlinear control algorithm
●  Supports high-precision sine-cosine encoder, absolute encoder, incremental encoder and Hall encoder speed feedback, single-loop resolution up to 24 bit, supports broken line detection
●  Support high-speed pulse + directional or AB phase burst input.
●  Support high speed local IO and remote extended IO. High speed and high precision local analog input, input resolution 14bits.
●  Automatic identification and correction of motor parameters and loop parameter self-tuning
●  OtoStudio development platform real-time observation curve, easy debugging, firmware and software online upgrade

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