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Computerized Programmable Automation Controller (CPAC) developed by Googol Technology is a highly integrated development platform specialized for machine control system and factory automation. It consists of both hardware and software portions. The hardware part includes industrial PC, multi-axes motion controller, PLC, on-site networks and HMI technology. The software part includes a powerful program development tool named OtoStudio which is IEC61131-3 compatible programming environment with many extra functions.



Embedded PC

-          CPU: 600MHz1GHz1.6GHz

-          RAM: 512M,1G,2G

-          Display: VGA HMI (LVDS, USB, PS/2, RS-232)

-          Hard drive (selectable): DOM:1G, 2G, 4G, harddisk:80G, 120G

-          USB2.0 X 2

-          Keyboard & Mouse: PS/2 X 1

-          RS232 X 1

-          Network: RTL8139, 10M/100M

-          Operation System: WinCE (Recommend 1G DOM)

Motion Control

Motors control

-              Pulse output, Max frequency: 1MHZ

-              Analog Output (TPV mode only): -10V to +10V, accuracy: 16bit

-              Encoder feedback, Max frequency: 8MHZ

-              Home &Index hardware capture

-              Limit sensor for Positive, Negative &Servo alarm

Motion control functions

-              NON-Symmetry T-Curve, S-Curve motion planning

-              JOG mode

-              PT/PVT motion planning

-              E-Gear

-              Follow (E-CAM)

-              Linear interpolation and circular interpolation mode

-              Look ahead function

-              Hand wheel

-              Digital Filter: PID +Kvff+ Kaff

-              Configurable IO

Field Bus

Mechatrolink II/Mechatrolink III/Realtime Express/CAN/Rs485


16 digital inputs/ 16 digital outputs

I/O extension

Digital IO module, AD/DA module

Working Environment

Temperature: 0~55

Humidity: 5%~90%


+18V to +36V, Icc=3A Min

Dimension (GUC)

296 x 160 × 75mm

Dimension (Terminal board)

292 x 165 x 42 mm

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