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Scanner Control System

The appearance of 2.5D and 3D glass brings smartphones into a more personalized and more fashionable state, which undoubtedly puts higher demands on glass scanners. The original PLC implementation requires complex teaching preparation before processing, which is very troublesome in changing materials and process adjustment. It is low efficiency, high requirements for workers, and poor processing results.

The new scanner in this case consists of two large grinding wheels that can move along the X-axis and a C-axis that can hold a stack of glass in the middle. In order to improve the processing quality, the system needs to detect the real-time current of the grinding wheel during machining to compensate the contour position. Googoltech's OpenCNC system development platform provides imported graphics capabilities, allowing customers to directly set up processes for processing, simplifying operations and providing scanner customers with efficient system solutions.

Main Features

 With CAD/CAM function, you can directly import 2D DXF graphics and set the process for processing.

 With real-time pressure detection function, the compensation algorithm is calculated by detecting the current change of the grinding wheel, and the pressing amount of the grinding wheel at both ends is compensated in real time to ensure the grinding amount and improve the processing effect.

 Optimized rotary axis speed planning to ensure scanning results.

Innovation Highlights

 Complete the function of glass scanner processing.

 Human-computer interaction with touch screen, convenient and simple.

 Directly import DXF graphics, directly generate machining codes through process parameter settings.

 With scan wheel radius compensation.

 With dual scan wheel trajectory optimization.

 The system has tool life management function and can automatically perform tool wear compensation.

 With graphic simulation function, it is convenient to verify whether the processing track is correct.

 Optimize the speed planning of the rotating shaft to ensure the scanning effect.

 With real-time pressure detection and contour compensation to ensure scanning effect.

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