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GT Series Stepper Driver

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GT Series Stepper Driver

GT566 and GT422 series is the high performance digital 2-phase hybrid motor drive released by Googol Servo,suitable for driving 28, 39, 42, 57, 60, 86 and other mainstream 2-phase hybrid stepper motors. It adopts high performance 32-bit DSP technology, precision current control technology and real-time flux observation technology to realize motor real-time pure sinusoidal wave control. It suppresses motor vibration effectively so that the motor can realize precise and smooth running with low noise, and can be used in various cost-effective automatic equipment fields.

The products are widely applied in precision packaging and printing equipment, electronic circuits, semiconductor equipment, 3C and automation production line, logistics and warehousing and many other industries.

● Real-time current closed-loop control
● Motor automatic identification
● Ultra-low vibration noise and low motor heating
● Precise current setting, minimum unit 0.05A
● Maximum 512 micro step subdivisions, minimum unit 1
● Current is cut to half automatically when stationary
● Overvoltage, short-circuit, phase loss, etc. multi-layer protection functions

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