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GSK Series Servo Motor

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GSK Series Servo Motor

GSK series AC servo motors use high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet materials with advantages of small size, high power density, good overload capacity, small cogging torque and low noise.

◆ High-performance rare-earth permanent magnet rotor, optional high, medium and low inertia, good dynamic response;
◆ Three opposite potential sinusoidal design, extremely low cogging torque, good low-speed smoothing characteristics;
◆ Optional encoder feedback mode
◆ Full line incremental encoder
◆ Line-saving incremental encoder
◆ Single-turn absolute encoder
◆ Multi-turn absolute encoder
◆ Single-turn magnetic encoder
◆ Multi-turn magnetic encoder
◆ The output shaft is protected by oil seal, optional standard brake
◆ Protection class IP65 or IP67, B or F class insulation.

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