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GMXD Stepper Drive

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GMXD Stepper Drive

GMXD module is the high performance network re-configurable modular stepper drive released by Googol Servo. It adopts high performance 32-bit DSP technology, precision current control technology and real-time flux observation technology to realize motor real-time pure sinusoidal wave control. It suppresses motor vibration effectively so that the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor can realize precise and smooth running; noise is small, it can be used in various cost-effective automatic equipment fields. When it is used with Googoltech's network motion control card (GTN, GHN, GSN, etc.) or gLink-II related products, it can realize the drive control of stepper motor. It is suitable to drive 28, 39, 42, 57, 60, 86, etc. series 2-phase hybrid stepper motors.

● Adopts real-time current closed loop control
● Pulse control and speed control automatic switch
● Opto-isolation differential signal input
● Over-voltage, short-circuit, phase loss, and multi-layer protection function
● Automatically cut current to half when stationary
● Drives 28/39/42/57/60 series 2-phase hybrid stepper motor

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