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Accessories - I/O Module

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Accessories - I/O Module

GSWM Series I/O conversion module is designed for easy connection of servo drive 

to the I/O signal. The conventional wiring method of drive I/O signal requires users to 

solder the interface terminal cable, it’s time consuming and hard to troubleshoot. 

In some occasions that require wire/cable replacing, it will increase a lot of unnecessary 

wiring and soldering work load. This I/O module transfers the I/O signal port of the drive 

to the module, users can wire without soldering. It thus reduces the wiring work intensity of the electrical engineers.


Main Features

l   Wiring free and welding free, time-saving and convenient

l   Easy to check and troubleshoot

l   Connects to drive directly

l   IO can be mapped to controller master station

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